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Selection Procedure

There are mainly four selection procedures that the Co., as a rule, conducts and follows.

Direct Personal Interview (DPI) and test conducted by the Employer

Employers can make their own selection procedures like direct personal interview and the necessary test at the Company Office in Nepal - for those potential workers (skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled) who are preliminary listed and short-listed by NIWIDA Concern Pvt. Ltd.

Selection by the Company (NIWIDA Concern Pvt. Ltd.)

In the absence of Employers, the Co. conducts their own selection procedures and as a result display workers to their employment destination under its full supervision and guarantee. For this, well-trained and experienced staff works dedicatedly to recruit the right people for the right jobs.

Document Review

Selection by Documents Review


Other type of selection procedure, which we called, the "Documents Review" of the potential candidates is also available for the employers. For this, the employers may request for the pre-selected documents No-data, academic certificates, work experience, language knowledge etc.) of the potential candidates by courier or postal service.

Video ConferenceVideo Conference

For the consistency of employees and theirs job, a video conference is conducted. This will generally help add to accept as true and have faith in the company and its recruitment and selection procedures.