Niwida Concern- Crew manning Departments is associated for crew manning and trainings for Nepalese seafarers (Hotel staffs & Ship security personals) also all the crewing business of Sea Earth crew services is handling by this company since 2023.
We are recruiting Nepalese Ex-Gurkha security personals and Hotel staffs crew members by accepting suitable hotel staffs who are professionals & well experience in 5-star hotels within country and aboard. Our resources of the ship security personals from retired personnel from the Nepalese Army, Singapore armed police and Nepal Police Force, ship experienced personals, as well as bona fide citizens of Nepal with non-military backgrounds, regardless of gender, to work abroad. Provided, always, that they have the potential to meet the expectations of our Client companies.
We are licensed by the Government of Nepal to recruit for foreign employment & MLC 2006 Certified from the Euro Veritas for cruise line recruitments and is obliged to complete all the legal formalities enforced by the Ministry of Labor departments before the employees it confirms depart abroad to take-up their respective jobs. 

To secure employment for both Nepalese crew members with reputable employers of the cruise lines industries.
To provide quality management and manning agency services for Nepalese crew members in the different cruise line and shipping industries.
To provide high quality, trained Nepalese seafarers and skilled personals to the international chain hotels and resorts.
To provide Nepalese male and female security Personals and officers for employment on land and ship across the world.