Niwida Concern

It is my great pleasure to mention here that NIWIDA Concern Pvt. Ltd. (Lic.No.711/064/65), has been successful in recognizing as having a front ranking position in the field of human resources management service provider company essentially for delivering, supplying and deploying workers from Nepal to countries abroad as per authorized by the Government of Nepal.

It aims to provide a comprehensive range of foreign employment services to job-seeking people who intend to be employed in overseas countries as above and at the same time to meet the requirements of our overseas valued clients. Our policy is to ensure the availability of manpower of all kinds like; un-skilled, semi-skilled, skilled & high-skilled for interview, selection then recruitment and deploy in accordance with potential employer's needs. We use the most up-to-date administrative and managerial services to attain these targets carried out generally by our experienced and professional staff.

The number of orders and requests that we are receiving are a true mark of our proficient management, trustworthiness and professionalism of our business dealings. If given an opportunity to serve you and your esteemed organization, we assure you that your orders will be managed systematically and carried through within required time-frame and date.

Thus the Company plays an active role in the field of exporting human resources by helping in developing needed skills of workers so that they are fit to be employed in order to help add the Government of Nepal to get rid of unemployment problems. I do hope that by going through, the prospective overseas employers (Clients) will find this PROFILE a useful information guideline on how we can work together for our mutual benefits and fulfillment of required amount of manpower needs.

Saroj Kumar Pokharel

Managing Director