Mission Statement

NIWIDA Concern Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001-2008) has directed towards its mission objectives as fundamental and essential obligation to be achieved by providing foreign employment opportunities for Nepalese citizens and workers (i.e. professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled) in various Nepal government authorized overseas countries. It promotes its business as a transit between employers in foreign countries and the Nepalese workers seeking employment overseas.

The Following Is Our Statement Of Principles And Targets That We Would Like To Meet And Achieve

  • To pursue, arrange and legally provide permissible foreign employment opportunities for various categories of Nepali work force/manpower (i.e. professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled persons, labours and helpers) to overseas counties as per our valued client's requirements.
  •  To explore for better job opportunities and guarantees of employment.
  •  To authenticate, confirm and satisfy overseas employers, industries, companies, organizations and the business partners by supplying/and or exporting as per their demand.
  •  To meet deadlines and time frames in fulfilling foreign employment requirements for employees and their potential employers.
  •  To establish amicable business relationships with overseas countries, industries, companies, and business partners (employers) relating to requirements for human resource management or supply of specific workers.
  •  To help in receipt of foreign remittances to improve the economic condition of Nepal and at the same time contribute as a taxpayer of Government of Nepal.
  •  To strengthen, as a member of the foreign employment business community, with friendly relationships between other nations, overseas employers, industries, companies, organizations and business partners.
  •  To contribute for the development and further betterment of financial, commercial, business, industrial and social development of the country.